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Man Cave

One of the selling points to this home was that it had a large unfinished addition on the garage. It was perfect for a MAN CAVE! One problem .... All Minnesotans know when you park your car in the garage, the floor overflows with dirty, melted snow. And that's just what happened - it all ran into the "potential" Man Cave.

SOLUTION: Ogle CMS came up with the idea to create a concrete bump, between the rooms, like you see in parking lots. And by dividing the rooms with a heavy industrial curtain specifically for holding in heat or air conditioning, and blocking dust and garage odors, these separate spaces could be temperature controlled.

Now you have a Man Cave, plus, by opening the curtain, a HEATED GARAGE!

And, to help keep costs low for the customer, Ogle CMS was able to reuse many things:

• Reused and repurposed a majority of the existing materials such as cabinets, ceiling fan and sound system

• Fresh paint on the walls and existing cabinets gave a fresh new look - low budget upgrade

• Inexpensive new lighting

• Easy-to-install, affordable carpet squares

• Cleaned and finished the garage floor with epoxy flooring coating

Whether it's a Man Cave, basement remodel, or kitchen upgrade, Ogle CMS works together with you and your budget. If you would like to learn more about building your own Man Cave, or about a different project, contact us at 612-424-1490.

Man Cave